I don't really think it's a demon that's possessed me, but I woke up this morning with a strange thought in my head, and I had to act upon it.  See, I have my alarm set to go off at 7am. For some reason, the maker of the clock decided that 7 minutes was enough snooze time for anyone, and because of this, I usually actually get out of bed at 7:28. 

There is an odd side-effect, however. I'm sure that people who use their snooze alarms notice this (especially this guy I knew in college who would snooze himself from 8 until 11), but you can have some pretty funky dreams in those small little segments of time. The best part about them is that they are so memorable. 

Of course, the downside is that you never get the full picture. Like, Uncle Joe is about to tell you the secret of life, and BEEP-BEEP, you're grasping for the clock again. But I guess that's why they stick with you so well. The interruption triggers it. 

So I had a dream between 7:21 and 7:28 this morning about creating a web site named Asymptomatic, subtitled "There's no intelligent life down here." I don't remember the exact content of the site in the dream, but I sure was adamant about it. 

If only to expose the rest of my morning ritual to you, I should tell you about my morning showers. After sitting up in bed for a few minutes rubbing my eyes, I end up in the shower around 7:25. (For those of you paying attention, my bedroom clock is set 15 minutes faster than every other timepiece in the house.) Depending on what my sleep was like, what things I have to schedule throughout the day, and how much I've had to drink the night before, shower lengths vary from day to day. 

Today's shower wasn't too much different from others in what goes on. Apart from the obligatory washing that takes place, I tend to think about my dreams or my plans for the day. My dreams this morning impacted my shower routine very distinctly. It was then that the idea for this site started to propagate. 

I remember thinking that the site in my dream was an example of someone or something having intelligence.  It was a statement against everyone else out there who would conform to ignorance, or catch some disease of malaise.  (And by these terms, the conformists are the ones with the symptoms.) Maybe it's my statement of purpose not to catch the same "blah" attitude with everything that everyone seems to have these days. 

Before you go thinking that I'm some kind of nut, it's not just based on the dream that I put this together. The dream was just the instigator. I was thinking in the shower about my life after college, and how much I've changed. I remembered things that I used to do all the time, and how I've become this strange, law-abiding, rules-following.... thing. I've become so uptight that I won't even get a refill from an iced-tea dispenser at a restaurant unless there's a sign that says "Free Refills". 

Maybe it seems strange to you for me to come to a realization like this. Maybe it is strange. The fact remains that I've become a sort of rules stickler, which is something that I would have avoided totally in my college years. 

I used to write all the time. Now I hardly write anything. I experience very little creativity anymore, when I used to brim with it. I think I'm generally a mean, cranky person in appearance, when I would really rather be (and usually see myself as) a nice guy.  I've walled myself in with my own restrictions, and now I'm suffocating. 

What does that have to do with this web site? Well, I guess my inner demons have gotten the better of me. I need an outlet. The two sites I maintain already are too restrictive. There's got to be creative flow. With this I can write about oompa-loompas if I want to. 

So am I possessed by demons?  Well, if I am, they sure have written more today for this site than they have for the other sites in months.  They must be good.  Hopefully, they'll share some more with us.


The world will always hate us!!! We are anable to sin or do bad things. We can take human form and live as a human but the life we live will be hell! Every time someone meets us they will know thier is something not right about us! They will hate us for it! People always fear what they don't understand! You are all like children.We have the same right to live and exist as you do!when people are born they know nothing about the world! We remember all!And we know that most history in books is a lie! Not all demons are bad! We anly must hide in the shadows from the little children who will never understand!

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Haha! I enjoy your comment, holyshit. You also have a fascinating name. Was that the one your parents gave you when you exited your mother's womb, or did you take that name on of your own volition?

It's clear that you just skipped over the writing and went straight to the comment form. You might have realized if you had read it that there's hardly anything in the post content about being possessed by demons. But what was I expecting from you, holyshit?

holyshit, please feel free to stop by and insult everyone on your way through. I look forward to you commenting on many other posts that you also haven't taken the time to read.

Nice of you people to comment on a comment made 40 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!! stop fucking with people from decades ago and get a life

I find it quite interesting that the first three comments on this page all said Dec 31, 1969 at 7:00pm...
Then the post said it was made Nov 30, 1999...
Anybody else notice that?

People especially Christians need to re-read their bible and realize it says: "To judge people by the fruits they bear* meaning do not lump everybody as "this* or "That".

Now one thing I will lump together is that all captcha sucks or when does 2+2 = 5? Their are many other ways to remove trolls then to post wast-your-time captcha which if a person really wanted to he/she will find a way around them.

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