I find myself driving a lot more often than I would like. During those times, I am usually listening to my XM radio. The XM tuner uses an FM modulator that allows me to tune my radio to an otherwise empty channel and listen to satellite radio.  I also have a Creative Zen Micro that I use on longer trips to listen to audiobooks. I'm using some Belkin-brand FM modulator to listen to the Zen playback on channel 107.3.  The funny thing is that these two devices don't always work as intended, and I think it's the fault of the iPod.

As I drive, I'll hit intermittant spots where the modulator goes to static. Since the modulator itself hasn't moved relative to my car's radio, I can only assume it has been affected by an outside influence.  There are a few regular outside influences I am aware of. For instance, the stone-front bank at the light at 30 and 322 puts off some kind of signal that simply blocks everything - satellite, radio, whatever. But mostly, my interference is caused by other drivers with modulators.  Every so often, whatever I'm playing will be completely supplanted by some strange music. Then, as quickly as their Mercedes drives by, it's gone.  With the modulators I have, I need to crank up the volume just to hear my own music, but when these guys drive by, I hear their stuff over mine as clear as day. My main question is this: What brand of modulator did they buy, and where do I get one? They had better not be iPod-only.


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