Nothing. Or, not much. Today. Soon there should be plenty of things on TV with which I can empty my brain. But what will the fall TV season offer me? Let's take a look at some of the returning shows that I will be watching this year once again...  Gilmore Girls - The first couple of seasons had good rapport between the Girls, and the middle entries played on breaking that, and the most recent seasons were enjoyable if a bit less whimsical. I'm sticking with it because I like the dialogue, but I hear that the original creators are not going to be with the show this season, so I wonder if that witty banter will continue. Remember what happened to West Wing when Aaron Sorkin left.  Veronica Mars - The first season kicked butt. I think I expected too much greatness form the second season, but I still wasn't disappointed with it. Third season should see Veronica attending college in Neptune, which will hopefully bring a bit of new blood into the mix and make the big mystery more mysterious.  House - I didn't watch this show when it was on TV. But I downloaded an episode or two, got addicted, and then downloaded both seasons to watch non-stop to the end. The first two episodes of the fall season have already aired, and they keep the same attitude as the first two seasons. House, incidentally, is one of the few shows on TV made up of self-contained episodes that doesn't suck.

Lost - Why I will continue to watch this show is beyond me. They will never leave the island, and any pretense that they would is just silly. And since the whole show is pretense for getting off the island, the whole show is silly. And yet, that statue has only four toes. This may be my last season of this show.  Bones - I like this show, but it was on at a strange time last season during which I couldn't watch it. I like the play between the characters, and that's why I was a bit disappointed to see that they switched out characters for the head museum person. I liked that guy, and I don't like this new girl. And I think that's a bit of what they're going for, but I don't know - I just don't like her.  Grey's Anatomy - This soap opera hospital comedy drama is this close to getting the axe, but the weird medical stuff they concoct every episode is worth the price of admission. Plus there's a good bit of banter and (I shouldn't admit that) Izzy is hot.  And that's all for the returning shows. It's a pretty sad turnout, really. I thought I watched more than that. But then, there are the new shows...  Heroes - No, it's not a show about 9/11 firefighters. People start to wake up with super powers right out of a graphic novel. Sounds cool to me.  Jericho - Inhabitants of this small town are cut off from the world after a nuclear accident. This sounds like something right out of my nightmares. I'm sure I'll be sleeping well after watching.  Justice - I've enjoyed the first two episodes of this face-paced legal drama. The high-profile lawyers defend clients from murders (at least so far) that they didn't commit. At the end of the episodes, you get to see what actually happened, which usually could have gone either way.  And that's all for the new shows that interest me. Maybe a couple of those will be good. Otherwise, I'm cutting back on the whole TV thing.


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