Once again, the time has come for all good bloggers that use WordPress to visit their local WordPress meetup.  I will be attending the WordPress meetup in Philly as usual, after a several-month hiatus due to moving houses. I'm anxious to get back and see the clan and hear about what everyone has been up to over the summer.  There are a couple of WordPress groups out there. I talk to Ja over at the New York meetup via email, and I know his group is coming along nicely.  If you've got some free time, come say hi this Saturday, September 16 at 2pm. We'll be at the Ten Stone Bar and Restaurant on South Street, usually until at least 4pm. Bring your PC or not (wifi access is sketchy enough to call it "non-existant") but we're happy just to get together and chat about any topic, not just blogging.  See you there!


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