The company that produces the DVD Navigation system for Nissan is Xanavi.  They have patented the bird's eye view on navigation systems. 


I am after instrutions for the use of a xanavi bird view navigation system ( with GPS )model xa-n2 as this system is installed in my newley purchased nissan terrano r3mr (1995 model) can you help , John

I am having a similar problem to Owen. I have explored the websites for Nissan and Xanavi, the company that produces the navigation system, to no satisfaction. My big problems are the age of the car and system (1997) and the language (Japanese). I am in need of an English language instruction manual for my Xanavi XF 780 A model. Any help?

I too am searching for english manual for my Xanavi Cd rom navigation system that is in my 2003 Nissan Bluebird Sylphy. I want to be able to use all the available features that the system offers. Can anyone help?

I am from Ireland but bought my car in england its 04 nissan 350z. It has a sat nav but only has an English disc. I am looking to get either an Irish disc or a European disc. Can you help?

I have a Nissan Primera 2.2 TD November, 2002. I haven't the DVD-ROM of the navigator system. Then, I don't know model of the navigator system and version of the software. Plese help me. Thanks. Giovanni

I have a Nissan Cefiro with a Birdview Navigation System XF-D7000. Does anyone have any info on this please.
I don't have a disk and the dash board screen will not open...maybe as I don't have the DVD incerted.

The light of my xanavi is dead...
I don't know where is possible to repair it.
Can someone help me please?
Thank you

mainly to Alan Costello,..just checking with this company to see if they can help,...have yu come across them yet,..??

By the way,...the disc yu have,..what size is it,.. and do yu still have it?? (Yes i do live in England!!)


Tez Smart

Hi there. My name is Owen and I am the owner of this web site.

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I too am searching for english manual for my Xanavi DVD navigation system that is in my 1998 Nissan Primera. I want to be able to use all the available features that the system offers. Can anyone help?

I´ve bought my car in the US, a Nissan Titan-08, and now the navigator does´nt work. I´ve tryed to replace the DVD-ROM from a car here in Sweden, a Nissan Navara, but it still does´nt work. The Dvd-model is NCU-6321G(US). Does somebody know if it´s possible to replace it to another model to make it work here in Sweden? If so, wich model?

Thank you

I purchased a used nissan 2004 sunny. I live in Trinidad which is a small island in the Caribbean. Is it possible to use this xanavi navigation system. The mdel is XM-004VP (N), HD 733. Also I do not have the software. Is it possible that I can probably use the monitor with a DVD car player.

Short question, maybe someone knows more... When will new europe map material published by xanavi? I'm interested in the X6.0 dvd for my 2002 primera. the last version is quite old and misses alot of east european countries. hope they will be included in the new material.

thanks for any tips.

found a totaled out infinity with this navigation dvdrom player still intack. don't even know if it works.. can't get the dvd disk out with power or damage to unit.. looks older.. does it compare to the newer,cheaper portable gps unit's..? Whole lot of wires with no directions..!

Do u have the latest update for xanavi map data DVD for a nissan Primera (20003) ?
I am interested in !
thanx !

i have a japanese import and sat nav is in japanese how do i get it re chipped for english disks

Do u have the latest update for xanavi map data DVD for a nissan x-trail '06 east europe ?

thanx !

hi am i have pay nissan infinti qx4 2001 from us put i dont no how to oprate the nivgation system due i have ship the car to gulf so ples if an bady can give my any information how to active the system and whate i reely need to active the unit due i dont have manual or oprating catloge


Im Attila

Could i find some where the new zealand map on cd or dvd to the xanavi birdview navigation system?? thx

I have a nissan pathfinder 2002, and the gps does not recognize the dvd with the maps, And shows on the display " Replace a Disk", but the bar doesn't move
This happen buecause the lector doesn't work? or do I need a special program to reinstall the database for teh GPS???

Thank you

Hi, I'v just imported a S15 Silvia from Japan and have the same dilemma. The Xanavi Unit only comes with the Japan Disc and Japanese faceplate. So if anyone knows where to get the Australian Map CD & if possible an "English" face plate, that would be much appreciated.

Nissan terrano R3MR 1995 import. where is the temp sender and how would you replace? The temp showing on the overhead console reads constant 55.Compass works OK

How do you replace light in ac control switch?


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