Every time I update Spam Karma it takes significant tweaking to get it to work.  Today, it's just plain dead.  This is a real problem since I had been recommending Spam Karma to everyone with WordPress as the ultimate comment spam solution.  But I can't do that any more.  Rather than concentrate on the WordPress future, version 1.5, it seems like retroactive functions are more important to Spam Karma development.  In fact, it seems like adding functions that deal with past comments have been prioritized over getting the spam filtering system to work correctly on new incoming spams.  Ever since upgrading to version 1.11, for instance, I no longer get the comment content in my deletion digests.  In this latest version, I'm led to doubt that the comment body is even processed for spam criteria.  Well, I've had it.  The code is a mess and the latest version (1.16) breaks my WordPress install.  There doesn't seem to be any regression testing involved in the releases, which are way, way too frequent to have received thorough testing on all of the WordPress versions and configurations that it's supposed to support.  I guess this means I'm back in the spam filtering game.  Expect something new from me soon, since I'm sure I won't be able to tolerate hand-moderating every comment that comes through here for that long.  Four new spam comments appeared while I wrote this.


Well, I've got the new system online. I'm not sure how well it'll hold up, but it's what I've got for now.

The good part being that it actually runs. The bad part being that I've got to code in all of the automated update stuff. It shouldn't be to big of an issue, but it's going to take some time.

Also, it's only ever going to work on WordPress 1.5... Too many good plugin hooks.

Sick of it?

Well, guess what: me too...

As for regression testing: not only has it been done on practically every single release and with every single version of WP available, but it has also been working fine out of the box for every single release to this day, provided your own install of WP is somewhat along the norm. As for the fact that it "breaks" the latest release of WP "alpha" 1.5: for chrissake, this buggy piece of crap is already broken all by itself. At the moment, an out-of-the-box nightly with no plugin and not a single modification will only give me a blank blog. And you expect me to test SK with every single of these untested WP release? let alone twist my code even more to accomodate the whims of the developers who do not deem it necessary to otherwise discuss any major alteration they make to the core?

SK doesn't break the latest WP nightly: the latest WP breaks compatibility. period.

Sure it would make life easier to only go and support the up-to-the-minute latest version of WP 1,5 (and that is, provided you don't mind keeping up with last-minute breakage of compatibility), but it's not like it will do much for the 99% sane users who are staying away from CVS code and will probably keep doing so for a while.

But maybe, just maybe, there'd be some chance of your problem getting fixed, if instead of writing on them after the facts, you had simply sent me an email about them.

You are knowledgeable about PHP, you know WP: it probably wouldn't have taken much to figure together whatever problem you were having and amend the code accordingly (assuming said problem had anything to do with SK's code and not with your particular install). I don't know that I have ever ignored any inquiry regarding problem with my code.

So please be my guest.

Well, this is taking more than it's share of time, too, isn't it?

I guess the heart of my matter is that after working with you many times to get SK successfully up and running - whether from WP breaking it or whatever - I'm just tired of having to do it every time I upgrade one or the other. It's not that I dislike you at all, I just don't feel that installing your plugin should require that we have a conversation/multi-hour debugging session.

Owen: there was no personal offense taken. For more details, I posted a lengthy reply and further clarifications on the issue on my own blog, so I'll direct you there rather than copy paste them: http://unknowngenius.com/blog/archives/2005/01/14/sick-of-this-crap/#postcomment

For everybody else: even if Owen and I might have started on a rather argumentative tone, please do not take it too personally and refrain from being unduly confrontative in Owen's comments if you have followed the link from my own entry.

That being said, Owen, good luck with your own development. Hopefully that might help you find out exactly why this has been frustrating to me lately.

Then build your own Owen, its really that simple. Stop your pedantic complaining and get on with it. Absolutely nobody is stopping you.

Wow. Someone accusing me of being pedantic in regard to WordPress. That's funny.

Still, if you had read the last paragraph of this post (and some other subsequent posts) you'd realize that is exactly what I'm up to - writing my own.

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