I wrote another plugin for WordPress that limits the categories that are displayed on teh edit post page for users who do not have a high enough user level.  What does this mean?  If you are participating in some kind of guest-blogging activity, like Free For All Friday, then you can turn on this plugin and your guests will be able to post only to the categories you specify.  You have to edit the plugin file to specify the categories that you want to limit guests to, set the breaking point for what user level is high enough to see all categories, and specify the option of whether you want to allow subcategories or not.  This plugin isn't comprehensive.  Don't get me wrong - it works, but a determined user can work around it.  It just makes it obvious what you want them to do with their posts.  I still have to do a little work on it to make it perfect, but it's a good start so far.  Download from the hacks section, as usual.


Hi Owen, I have been trying to get in touch with you regarding adhesive. I cannot get it to work on 2 blogs, one is WP 1.2.1 the other is 1.2.2

I sent an email to the email address in the footer of this page .. but maybe that got lost somehow ...

if you have a chance, would be great ... let me know how best to get in touch with you .. I also lounge around on #wordpress cheers and thanks

Hi Owen,

First of all compliments for the plugin that limits the categories - i've been hoping that somebody who knows how ;) would make such a plugin. Unfortunately i'm running 1.2.2, any chance of tweaking it for this version? Hopefully!

Hello, great plugins using a few of them. Is there a way for the Limit Categories one to work on the Press it window as well as the main post window?

Well, that I did. Im just trying to gfigure out how to make it work. Ill play with it and report back.

You should download and install it and see if it does what you want. And if not, then describe here where it falls short.

So, does Limit Categories limit what you can Edit, View or Post too. I am trying to prevent people from Posting to certain categories. Right now, i have only been able to do it for ALL categories by altering the Menu file.

Works perfect. I misunderstood View to be View Categories that can be read, as opposed to View the Categories one can post in

This looks pretty cool. Do you think that this could be modified so that certain users would only see one category option to post in (by basing it on user_id instead of user_level)?

Yes, I do believe it can be modified in that fashion. Skippy has made similar modifications for his vhosts plugins to work. Feel free to make whatever changes you think will work best for you.

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