Hey, I finished the Kubrickr!  Using some technology that I'm bundling into the next version of the Exhibit plugin for WordPress, you can now very easily:

  • Find Creative Commons-licensed images on Flickr for specific tags.
  • Crop the image to size.
  • Use that image to replace the big blue blob in the Kubrick header.

No need to thank me.  Just send money.


This looks to be a pretty good tool. It would be helpful if you would allow the user to input their header dimensions and then your code could drop the crop window on the picture with that aspect ratio for the user to drag around to the portion of the picture that they want.

Would it be possible to include a second option which outputs only the rounded rectangle cut of the chosen image before putting it into kubrickheader.jpg? That way, those of us with more customized Kubrick templates could also enjoy your very cool too. Thanks in advance!

I didn't do cropping to an aspect ratio because I found that some pictures actually look better when you squash them into a smaller vertical area. For instance, try any picture of the sunset over an ocean.

If I output just the round image, how would you drop it into your custom Kubrick header? That is, if you have the technical expertise to copy just the round rectangle into a custom Kubrick header, why couldn't you just clip the Flickr photo yourself, and so what benefit is this tool?

However... If someone were to send me an alternate header wrapper, I might try to give you a choice between them in a new Step 1.

Those of us who have the more customized Kubricks have the original PSD, which you can edit and then export it in parts just for the Kubrick layout. So, basically if you had an option to just output the rounded rectangle, we could drop that onto the PSD and export the parts. If you'd like, I can send you the PSD.

This is the sort of tool I envisioned when we first talked about adapting Kubrick. Thank you SO MUCH for building it.

This is awesome! Unfortunately, the gray background doesn't match the gray background of my plain vanilla default Kubrick theme I got with WordPress 1.5. Is there some way to change the color?

Woo! You read my mind! I'm not using Kubrick, but I'll see if I can tinker a bit to make this work with my current theme. Thanks!

blogan - If I were to put money down, the difference between the two colours is due in part to changes put in place with the default theme that comes along with strayhorn and kubrick.

Anywho, a fantastic app. I was having a good ol' time with it... but ended up going with my own header nonetheless.


Great tool! Job well done.

I've posted a quick little How-to on creating custom images as well as display random image headers for Kubrick.

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