This stupid little plugin for WordPress 1.5.1 redirects visitors to a different page when they attempt to read a specific post or static page.  To use it, add a custom field in the Advanced Editing panel named "redirect".  The value of the field should be the URL to redirect when that page is viewed.  The redirect only happens when the page is viewed by itself.  So the post content will still appear on your home page and archives (if it's a post and not a static page) but unless you have some crazy AJAX-driven comment form (*cough*) that appears when you click something on the home page (*cough*), you won't receive any comments on that post.  So, uh, what is this thing for? Say you already have a gallery set up using Gallery or something similar and you want to include a link to it using the static page functionality of WordPress.  Create a new page in WordPress using Write|Write Page in the admin panel, and add a custom field to that page as described above using the URL of your gallery.  The page will appear in your page list (wherever that is on your site, typically in your sidebar) and when a user clicks it (accesses the permalink in the address bar) they will be redirected to your gallery, wherever that happens to be.  This is an easy way to give permalinks to pages that are outside the control of WordPress and integrate them into your site structure.  Check out the download on the Redirectify page at RedAlt.


Hmm... I'm going to need test addresses from you guys before I can begin to debug your problems. It's working fine on my test site and here, as you can see at this URL

I can't get it to work. I've uploaded and enabled the plugin, changing the wp_redirect($redirect); line as suggested.

I've added the redirect key in as instructed, but when I go to the page, all I get is the empty post, and no redirect. Tested in Opera 8.0 Beta 3, Firefox 1.0.1 and IE 6.

I'm seeing the same thing as Matt. My guess is that I'm not creating permalinks like normal people do. My permalinks look like this:

Could this be the reason? I would love for this to work. I hate having to have special cases in my site menu for places that are not a part of WP.

Incidentally, you can easily port this plugin to 1.5 by changing a single line in the plugin. Look for:


And change that to:


The downside is that if you host on IIS and your site tries to set a cookie before the redirect, it won't succeed. So now you know.

1.5.1 is not yet released.

You can help test it, but I recommend that you just wait for it. It will be out soon, I think. Lots of bug fixes. You can track the bug fixes since the last version (1.5) here.

If you insist, check out the download page for WordPress nightlies. You will need to join the tester's list to gain access to the download URL. I don't actually know the download URL myself. Please note that support requests for pre-release versions are no longer accepted on the support forums - only the testers mailing list accepts them now.

Alternatively, you can access the current source from SVN, which is the best method for developers to do it.

Hopefully I've scared you away from this, since it's not for the faint of heart. Waiting is much simpler.

Ok, it's on my site now.

In the Site Menu I have added an item called "Test Redirectify".


Here is some more info on my problems with Redirectify. I just tried creating a "regular" blog post page with the "redirect" custom field and that page worked. So, my problem is only with using it in "Pages". Does that help any?

I think I fixed Redirectify to solve these problems. Download the latest archive (currently 1.1) from the wp-hacks page:

Thank you sir, that indeed fixed it. If I knew more about WP Plugins and PHP, I see I could have pointed out the problem myself. Seeing the change of "is_page()" in the code. :)

Now to remove all the hand written links in my menu and replace them with redirect pages...

My question: doesn't this slightly encourage URI spoofing?

By the way---a little off-topic---your new theme makes post titles invisible---just a green thick bar appears over each post. FYR: Firefox 1.0.2 on Linux.

I'm having trouble getting this to work on my site. I'm using it for pages on the sidebar to redirect to my forums. I have the plugin install and activated but when i create a new page i dont get the custom field for redirectify. I'm using WP1.5.1.3

anything i'm missing? thanks a ton!!

It would look like this:

Just add the new custom field form the Advanced Post editing page.

There is no custom field specifically for Redirectify. Use WordPress' built-in custom field feature to add a new custom field to the post.

could you give me an example of what it would look like? i'm still kinda new to WP and im not sure exactly what i need to put into each field. thanks!

Who'da thunk it? I finally needed this one. Good thing I remembered you wrote it. :)
Works great - incredibly easy to install/use, too. :)

I think I've figured out why so many people are facing "Blank" pages when they are trying out the redirect plugin. The url that you have, for example, mine is , the post slug is obviously collections, and so basically you just change the post slug to whatever name you had named your Fgallery link. After half an hour of toying around, I noticed that the post slug was whatever I had named the link, which is not unnecessarily the same with your gallery name. After I fixed that everything worked. :)

Hope that helps, cheers!!

Tq for the plugin. Is there anyway I can redirect it in a frame (without revealing the redirected URL?) TQ.

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