Looking for a change in vocation?  Here's an instruction manual for how to become an assassin.


I take this seriously as well lovely .. if there was ever anything i've ever wanted to do was be a hitman or assassin .. but i just always figured i was born in the wrong time era .. but maybe not .. we'll see though .. time tells all

Hi, Im emma. Im 13 and i fit in fine but this one guy has been bringing me down everyday. He owes me a HUGE sorry. My story is too long to tell but it is indeed sad.

I would love to become an assassin to help myself with my problems and take my rage out on that.

i would like to be assassin also kill lot of ppl and to be unseen like ninjas in past in japan...

I am like Emma. I always wanted to become an assassin..and came here to post about it for a while. there was always one guy that kept bringing me down. I hated his guts...he owes me an apology too.

I would like to become an assasin because of the seceracy and lies and stuff behind it. Living a life always looking behindyour back, ya know. Oh and like emma I'm also 13!

i am like skittles and Emma. I have to hold myself back from collapsing someone airpipe sometimes, but i will when i become an assassin and they'll be sorry they ever saw me...They'll know fear,*ahem* got abit carried away then


Wow, you people are not very educated. Personal feeling will only hinder your ability to be an effective assassin/hitman. Being an assassin is a very professional career that requires extensive training, discipline and lack of moral guilt. Just because someone pisses you off will have no effect on your ability to do the job, if anything it will make you sloppy. Most of you are not even adults yet, so you have no true grasp of what life is. Like ninja boy, hahah, get over that shit right now. That shits only in the movies. Your best bet is to join the military, specifically USMC or Army. Get the training and discipline, perhapes even kill some people. Until then, stop jerkin' off and crying about the guy that made you mad.

if you want to be an assassin then you are one messed up person! Why would you want to kill people for a living then be looking over your shoulder the rest of your life.......oh and ace if you were an assassin then you wouldn't be posting here cuz an assassin would know never to admit it especially on the internet cuz you could and probably would be traced a potentially fatal mistake

i want this more then anything please if someone out there needs help in taking care of something in there life please try to get back to me i need this its all i am good at

Being an assassin would be an excellent way to satisfy my blood lust. After all, I've been carrying the nickname "Hitman" for the past seven years, it could be due to the fact that I usually carry at least two weapons on my person at all times. Or my nasty habit of sneaking up on my friends and choking them with wire when their not aware of my presense(not seriously of course)..... yeah, that sounds like my kind of job.

"Hitman" again, just a tip for you all. I you were to take this seriously, you are going to need to be able to make contracts with clients who would pay you to "take care of someone" in order to do that you are going to need a method of secrecy. Finding someone who would be willing to pay you to kill, without them alerting the authorities and sending your ass to jail is a necesity. Most of the clients who would pay you to kill, are people with a violent, hateful reputation, and a reason to want someone dead, you better know a discret method of communicating with potential customers, or you could wind up with your dumb ass in jail. Oh yeah, for the record, the guy whose name is shown as "Me" is 100% right. You better be thoroughly desensitized before you decide to pursue a carrier as a killer. It's not going to be a glamorous job, or ninja like. Killing people has to be done silently, inconspicuously and flawlessly. Besides most of the people you would be killing would be people you don't even know.

Wow, listening to all of you is amazing. I have no idea how i found this site but its halirious. Although "Hitman" and "Me" do bring up extremely important points i doubt they have the foggiest idea of what they are talking about. Professional killers belong to government, so called professional killers are just murders that got mixed up with the wrong people. There is no way some wanna be ninja, so called hitman, a guy who carries guns because he is afraid, or some stupid kid off the street can come close to the amount of training and technology that is required. Most of the stuff in movies is just that a movie and someones wild imagination. There are no secret killing societies, or computer based kill groups. Again all government. If there were these groups then there should not be the extreme problems the world has and there would be alot of dead people out there. Last, most professional killers end up dead and the so called professional killers go even quicker or end up in jail with a bulls eye on there butt. Use your secret ninja powers and gun toting yellow streaks to do some good like serve your country if your blood thirsty. Plenty of work there.

See?! There you all go again. Bringing us down, just like before. Did I mention I'm 15? I've been hoping to become an assassin since I was about...12. 12!!! I've done research, I've talked to a few people...except those people either brought me down brutally or tried to do the sympathy "It's okay...look at it this way" thing...and tried to bring me down that way. It pisses me off!!! Stop it!!! If someone wants to pursue something, that is there choice. Giving them advice on how to get there is one thing-but trying to brutally beat them down is a completely other thing. Don't tell us not to do it-because we'll do it anyway. SO THERE!!!!!!!

u guys are such retards sure u would become a hitman anyway y dont u just go and join the army and kill people there if u want.... u are all like i want to become a hitman and i am 13- almost 14 u are all pussies go get a life and who ever made this is a god damn retard as well u dont know anything about being a hitman becuase if u did u wouldnt be here making this stupid web page u all suck balls........

Haha, give it a break people!
Do something worthwhile, join the infantry.
I have - and it's the best job in the world.
But seriously, grow up!
Assassin my ass.

i am really serious...i want to become an assassin...it's not a long life dream, i just need a job right now...in the movies assassins always have nice cars and houses so i want the nice things while only having to work maybe 2-3 days a month...

Oh for goodness sake people, I am hearing ages like "13" "15" stuff like that you guys are barley old enough to get a job working at McDonalds, let alone be a contract killer. It's also funny how everybody talks about this like it is some sort of art, it's really not anymore, there is no "secret assassin training" anymore, you take the gun, ya shoot the target, you collect the 50 grand, you get caught or you dont... end of story. You all talk so big but if it came down to it I bet you could never pull that trigger and kill some person you didnt even know, I sure as hell couldn't.

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