It's been since October with these Habari people, and I'm totally through.  It's not worth it any more.  Day after ceaseless day, the agony of having decisions by committee...  It's finally gotten the best of me.  I thought I could handle it, but it's just not working out.  The latest straw to break this camel's back is the rush to release the Developer Review.  I'm not sure what the all-fired hurry is to release software that is obviously not ready for prime time.  Nevermind that we could have released at the end of January had we not wasted all of our time bickering over logos, default themes, HTML vs XHTML, and other irrelevant claptrap.  100+ messages about whether Habari should use HTML or XHTML.  I mean, is that really necessary?  People have questioned whether the team could really pull off the release, and I told them, "No, no, we've got a great team.  We'll release something soon." And I said that every day for months, and nothing happened.  And then, out of the blue, they want to release this codeset?  Forget it!  Well, clearly, I can't use WordPress any more, and I can't use Habari, so my only other option is to go it alone.  So, here's my big news... 

I've been working on a separate project for a few weeks now, but I haven't said anything because I hadn't really committed to it.  But I've finally had enough, and I'm ready to announce it and maybe throw off those Habarians' developer release.  My solution is more robust than Habari simply because I've not had to put up with the committee approval on every decision.  I've gotten a couple of folks to fly my banner, including skippy, and we've set up more support for our users in two weeks than Habari has even considered since October.  So, I'm kind of sad to see Habari go, but I'm glad to be rid of the bureaucracy.  I hope people are as welcoming to ForkPress as they might have been to poor, doomed Habari.


ForkPress. It sounds like a weight watchers gym team.

But for some reason something doesn't seem quite right... What could it be... ?

April's Fool?
Gotta love a week's investment for April's Fool tho.

Me love some bbqpress and 20 million downloads. :)

If HTML/XHTML contiues to be an issue, I suggest creating a platform that can output both, if only in a half-functional way, and name it SporkPress...

I love the K3 theme, although maybe if the header were just a leetle bit... bigger? And bluer. Yes, bluer.

:D .. We aint gonna buy this .. :D .. Even if you sell it for free .. :P
Best of luck for your ForkPress ... :)

No offense, but I think I'd change the name. If there is so much as one little teeny weeny bug that causes grief to the masses, people will rename it for you in every post they make...F-ckPress.

Just my two cents...Good luck with the effort regardless of the name :-)

Arrrggghhh! April Fool! I read this in the morning and spent all day obsessing about the Habari Schism (as it will come to be known!)

It's only just crossed my mind what day it is.....

I agree with Don, you'll get slammed every time there are bugs and issues with ForkPress. Change it now before too many people get used to the name.

How about yapPress? Yet-Another-Press Press :-)

I see that on the Forkpress site, there's also a bbq-press.
Could you tell us more about that one, please?
will there be more culinary releases? Winepress? Coffeepress (running on Java, of course) FastFoddPress? Wurstpress (German edition)? Maybe one every April 1st?
Looking forward to further enhancements and the oncoming plug-ins (bbq-sauce, soup-spoon...?).

Your sidebar still says you're coding "the software that displays it", and links to Habari. Might wanna change that.

You know, you could have given us a little more warning about this. I am sorry to see you go, but I would rather you be doing something you believe in.

Oh and I agree with Don, change the name. had me hook line and sinker for a good 5 minutes. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Above and beyond the other AFD jokes out there, as you clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it. Well done. A+.

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