Abby is in first grade and she has daily homework.  Much of it involves writing.  One thing that she is not good at so far in school is using that ridiculous three-line ruled paper, probably because she's been using the plain lined paper for so long already, even in kindergarten.  The problem with this paper is that there simply doesn't seem to be anywhere to obtain it easily.  While I would love to run out and pick up a ream of the stuff to use as scrap paper after Abby switches to college-ruled for second grade, it seems like a waste.  Plus, even if I order the special paper, when I run out of it, there's no trekking to the grocery store to get a new pack.  But I have a solution.  I'm not sure why someone didn't think of this before.  Maybe they did, but I couldn't find it.  If you're searching for three-lined paper for first grade or second grade, and you need some in a pinch, this might be the thing for you.  I've created a PDF that lets you print the lines (solid on top and dashed in the middle) in either portrait or landscape orientation.  The top and middle lines are blue, and the bottom is red.  If you print it on a laser printer it still works, it's just not likely to be in color.  The usefulness of this has already proved its worth in its first night in existence, and I'm hoping that with practice, Abby's writing on the odd paper improves.  You are welcome to download the PDF and print out your own paper at home.


Ooooh thanks Owen! E is doing a bit of writing like this in his Tuesday School but would be nice to work more with him.

Thanks, I agree the paper the use in 1st grade is not a great idea at all!! They will never use it in any other grade?? Have no idea why this paperr still exist!!!

Thanks a million, I have been trying to create my own for two years without success and I have been trying to find some on line without success until now!!!! I have a second grader that is forever needing more paper to write on!!! You ROCK!!!
Katie in Connecticut

Thanks so much! My son is in Kindergarten and his homework this month is to write all his "sight words" on this lined paper, but his school didn't send any paper home. I had a hunch that someone somewhere online would have a download. Sure enough here it is! You saved me a bunch of work of trying to create it myself. Thanks!

Something I didn't mention about the PDF I posted above, and something unlike other downloads you might find online, is that there are actually two pages. One is portrait-oriented, the other is landscape-oriented.

Abby tends to do all of her homework on the landscape-oriented paper.

Also, this paper is referred to in other places as "Handwriting Paper", though I'm not sure why.

THank you thank you !!!! You are a lifesave as I have searched high and low for this paper as my daughter has to start doing book reports and we did not have any paper like this and nobody carries it ! THanks again SO much.... Bretta

Super. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I had been hand drawing the lines on normal notebook paper to practice spelling words with my 1st grader.

Thank you so much for this! My son has had trouble writing letters to his dad in the army and this has helped a lot! He was very happy to see it. :D

Thank you so much. Unlike the other people I wanted this type of paper for a scrapbook. I looked everywhere and even thought about stamps (but couldn't find them either). And like the others I tried making my own. Now I can print it up on any color paper I want.
Thanks again, Nancy

THANK YOU!!!I'm so happy I found you! I'm sure I will be printing this out every night!!

My daughter is missing several days of school for a minor ailment. She's well enough to keep up with her work, but she was panicked about not having the proper lined paper. You've helped to simplify both our lives today. Thank you!

Thanks for the paper. As a K/1 teacher I always look for extra writing paper resources. To clear the mud, K/1 teachers use this kind of paper to help children better understand the correct way to write their letters. Developmentally, most children need boundaries in their early writing and the lines help them to develop good handwriting skills.

As for your daughter switching to college rule in 2nd grade, it is developmentally inappropriate. They can change to notebook paper at that age, but it should be wide-ruled, not college ruled. Most 2nd graders do not yet have mastery of fine motor skills to handle lines that are that small.

Thank you so much! I've been looking for something to use in our 1st grade classroom since quality paper is hard to come by in bulk. Blessings! Beve

Well you'll know what i will say on this comment, just like the other comment ..
The paper is great, really helpful :)

Thank you so much!! I'm working on my son's spelling words and his handwriting and my "free hand" in creating lines is a bit weak! Thank you for sharing freely to everyone else!

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