It would be unfortunate to have to be dead before my thoughts on life would be taken "seriously", even if that's the usual way you come to be aware of people like Randy Pausch.  Since I've been thinking about this more lately - not the dieing part, but the passing on of wisdom even if it's not quite ripe - I thought I would get a head start. 

As it turns out, there are a few "rules" that I follow to help get through my day-to-day existence.  I talk about some of them with reasonable frequency.  Others are fairly new, but I can see a pattern of positivity in my historically ignorant application of them -- and negativity when I failed to.  Rules like these are sometimes obvious, but many of these feel ridiculous sometimes.  Some of the rules I know and don't talk about because I know without a thorough explanation they'd either not make any sense or make people upset. 

So consider this fair warning: Over the next few days, I'm going to post about each of these "Principles".  I hope you have some rules of your own you can share, and I hope that you read some of my rules and offer your comments.  As I said, they're unfiltered, unrefined.  They're early, embryonic wisdom, maybe even simple "rules of thumb" in your perception, but things that I hope to refine over the years and with your help.  Hopefully we can all get something out of it, or at least, enjoy.


Nice, looking forward to reading these. I don't really have any guidelines or rules per se, so seeing someone else's will be very illuminating I think.

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