I've been considering lately what I'm all about -- what makes me unique among humans in general, and peers in specific.  I've established a sort of test in my head for what would qualify.

I would like it to be possible to succinctly define me (even if obviously an incomplete definition) using 3-5 activities I am known to participate in that make me relatively unique among peers.

If someone who knows me was asked to list all of the people that they knew who participated in an activity that I qualify for, then my name should appear in the list.  An activity I am known for should be something that brings me to mind for people who know me.

Likewise, an activity or thing I am known for should not be something that I do but am not known or recognized for.

An example of one of these characteristics would be "someone who writes computer software, a coder".  Sadly, this alone is not enough to distinguish me in the minds of my peers, many of whom are coders themselves.  Likewise, "brewer of beer" is unlikely to distinguish me, since many of those coders that know me also brew beer.

The problem also becomes more difficult because beyond the couple of obvious things, I don't do much else.  At least, I'm not widely known for doing those things.

What worries me is that I don't have enough of these things, or that the things I do have are not well-known enough, to properly narrow down myself as a unique person among the billions that litter the planet.  Or worse, unique among my small peer group.

I need to either find out what my defining activities are, or need to discover and participate in more things that can uniquely define me.  Any Thoughts?


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