My Windows' Explorer crashes with some regularity.  (Get all of your childish Mac and Linux comments out of the way now - I'm unlikely to ditch Windows anytime soon.)  When it comes back to life, which it does automatically, some programs in the notification tray (that thing with all the icons near the clock) don't come back with it.

It's not that those applications aren't still running, but that they were - for some reason - never told to restore their icons into the task bar.

Well, after a bit of research and some fiddling with an open source Pascal compiler, I'm happy to present TrayRestore, a command-line utility that will do its best to restore all of your application icons to the tray after a crash, without having to restart all of those applications explicitly.

And the source for TrayRestore is MIT-licensed, too, so feel free to submit pull requests to update the code, if you have any good suggestions.


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