Plugin Support

Unfortunately at this time, I am unable to provide direct support for any WordPress plugins.  All of my existing plugins can be found at RedAlt if you look carefully.  At some point I will update the information there to be more organized, and perhaps provide some modicum of support for that code, but right now I don't have the inclination, much less the time.  If you wish to contact me about re-releasing my plugins with changes, please continue reading below. 

Contact Info

Now that all that is said, here's my email address.  Please don't abuse it.  For plugin support, see the above.  my email address

Professional Services

As of July 20, 2012, I am no longer offering professional services on a contract basis for new clients.  If you are an existing client, I may make an exception -- please contact me using the above information or, preferably, information you already have on file.  Thanks.