Watching TV is a fast accomplishment. I can easily be a good TV watcher. I can sit down, watch a show, and be done. I can even have an opinion on what I watched and be an expert. So easy. Watch a season, watch a complete series; accomplished. Nothing like TV for a quick win. Maybe this is why people fall so easily for TV.

I want a quick win that isn't superficial. Brewing beer has been like this for me, I think. It's easy enough to get to success. Mastery is another story, but practice brings it all within reach. It's hard to brew beer all the time, though. Frankly, I'm tired of drinking it all.

Quick to start, long to master, simple to continue. What new skill? Hmm. Maybe I should go with something merely random, just to prove it can be done. What need do I have for something even interesting when the goal is merely accomplishing something? Knitting. I could learn to knit.

"Owen, what do you do in your spare time?" "Well Frank, I'm so glad you asked. Knitting! I so enjoy the frequently mindless weaving of yarn to produce a garment or throw." "Fascinating..." "Fascinating? No, not really. Just something that produces some physical evidence of something accomplished."

Life-based merit badges for mundanity. TV Watcher level 1. Sounds fascinating.