Well, Mom called me tonight to ask about Wish List Live.  Apparently, she couldn't get the site to come up, and what I feared to be true was true - the domain had expired.  Fortunately, the domain only expired on Monday, and my SRS registrar (ev1!) allowed me to "transfer" the domain to myself and reactivate it.  The site is back online as normal.  Of course, it's looking kind of sad.  I know what I was thinking at the time with the graphical design, but I really should have put more effort into converting the layout into full CSS.  If you look at the site in Firefox (which is my habit), it looks like web crud.  As a result, I will be spending free moments during my four-day Thanksgiving weekend revising Wish List Live a bit.  You can see all of the neat things that Berta has suggested for me to do with it on the wiki.  The main things, though, are getting the site looking like a site should, and adding purchased gift maintentence so that last year's stuff can be swept off the lists more easily.  It's really not as easy as it sounds.  If you're a new regular reader, you might not know about Wish List Live.  Basically, it lets you create a gift registry for yourself, and suggest things for friends in your friend list.  The suggestion of items is what sets it apart from most other gift list registries, and there is even an option (somewhere, I can't currently find it) to create accounts for people who don't use the computer or who have not yet created an account with Wish List Live.  It's pretty neat, if I do say so myself.  (And yes, I do get a small kickback from Amazon, if you buy the gift from there.) I explained the whole thing last year.  So give it a shot, and be sure to get something good from my list!


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