I wrote a plugin today that restores the geographic location functionality that was removed from WordPress 1.5.  It adds the additional ability to specify preset locations.  You can do all of this from the WordPress admin panel.  Download the Geo plugin (alpha version!)


Hey that's cool, I will be trying that one out as well ;-)
I had the GeoUrl coded into my meta but they are still bye-bye. Heck it may still be there in the meta...
Boy you are just shelling out the plugins lately, aren't you? ;-)

Well, this one's still in development. I added it to the WordPress SVN repository yesterday, and someone else is giving me a hand with it. We're going to change some things around a little as far as storage goes, so don't get too excited yet. I wouldn't try this until it is beta.

Yeah, I get an idea in my head and I start to futz with the code and the next thing you know - BAM! - new plugin.

I've always wondered what that geo function was for and now that it got taken out, you're working to put it back in... i'm even more puzzled.

What's it for? Is there an example somewhere?

I'm with Jon. I saw it in WP1.2, but never really knew what it was for. Thought it might be interesting though.

So I'm leaving this to see what the answer to Jon's question is. :)

This plugin isn't something you see on the page, necessarily. Basically, you can associate coordinates (latitude and longitude) to each post and to your entire blog. These coordinates are used by other tools, which are easily linked to using new "template tags" included in the plugin.

For example, you can use the Geo functions to link to a list of nearby blogs using GeoURL. Or you can easliy link to a map of the area where you wrote your post.

Hey Owen,
Does this plugin use the same way of storing the lat/lon as WP 1.2, or does it store information in custom fields? I'm planning on updating the wp-location plugin in for 1.5, but I want it to be able to work with both the old format, and whatever you use. Thanks!

Oops - It shouldn't do that. Latest version is available on my wp-hacks page and the WP-plugins.org repository.


Plugins works great on the admin section. However, whenever I invoke the a "get map" function (any of them), it just echos out "Array". Is it an array, and if so, how can I get the URL out of it?

Fantastic work on this. It is the reason I finally decided to make the jump to 1.5.


- Stephen Yeargin


I've been using the plugin now for a few months, and everything is working great. Here are some of the other issues I've run into:

I installed Brian Dupuis's Headline Images plugin recently, which also adds another hook to the option pages. If Brian's is enabled, the option page for GeoPlugin doesn't display at all. Simple workaround to temporarily disable his, work with yours, and the enable his again.

Google Maps apparently quit accepting GPS coordinates. Not sure if the syntax changed, or if this feature was terminated.

Your work is woefully underappreciated.

- Stephen Yeargin

Regarding the second item, I found that the link generated needs to have the following structure:


Instead of:


I'm in the process of hacking my copy of the plugin, but figure the quick fix could garner a new release.

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