I used to work with a Chinese woman named Lucy.  She was a "programmer" too, and Chinese in the way that one is born in China and speaks English as a second language.  I'm just trying to visualize this for you - no prejudices here, at least not to Chinese folks or women.  After many weeks of working together on different projects, I learned that this woman's name was not Lucy.  It was, in fact, "Li".  She had been introduced to me as "Lucy", and I was calling her that for the weeks that I had known her.  Why didn't she say anything when I called her by the wrong name?  A few days later, the boss caught her stealing some source code.  Although I've never considered it, I would imagine that stealing source code from a place that you work is something that you could do fairly easily.  I probably wouldn't take a lot of effort to prevent yourself from getting caught.  Simply copy the source onto a disk and stuff the disk in a book or pocket or something.  Zip and email/upload, even.  So how did she get caught?  She was having difficulty loading the crate of paper into the back seat of her car and the boss saw her.  I kid you not.  There's a moral in here somewhere.  Maybe two or three.


lol...hey, nice setup on that story. It wouldn't have been nearly as funny if you hadn't thrown that contrasting curve ball in there. :)

That makes me think of The Recruit where that chic steals code from the CIA using a USB thumb drive hidden in the bottom of her coffee mug. Quite smooth of her - apparently Li never saw the movie though...

maybe by shes being chinese and all... people dont care about owners as americans do. maybe she was taking the data on paper so it was easier to read while shes working. maybe she didnt even realized that what she was doing was steling, since its only code after all. its like to forbid someone to read a book to another person. its all language and it should be free. like u do. and thanx for all your coding for us.

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