I have updated the MicroWiki code to fix a couple of bugs and add move and delete capabilities.  For those who are unfamiliar with MicroWiki, you can use it with my EzStatic plugin (or by itself) to create a wiki inside your WordPress layout that is independent from the posts/pages structure of WordPress.  You can choose to use WordPress authentication (only WordPress authors on your blog can modify the wiki), integrated authentication (where every user has a password that is maintained by MicroWiki), or no authentication (like most vanilla wikis).  It's a nice and simple one-file solution if you're looking to add user-contributed documentation to your blog.  Check out my installation of MicroWiki.  Microwiki also keeps previous revisions and allows you to roll back changes, which WordPress doesn't do even with some of the Wikifying plugins that are out there.  Another new thing I added was simpler link formatting, so you can use a [link|text] format for your links.  The old format of [[link][text]] still works, as do WikiWords.  Maybe I should write an add-on that filters WordPress posts for wiki links and forwards them to the appropriate MicroWiki page.  Hmm, that's a good idea...  My eventual goal is to move my hacks page into the wiki, and have all of the downloads and documentation managed by MicroWiki.  Fun stuff.


hmm... I cannot actually delete/move my pages... It just says something like: "Move to..." or "Delete?" but nothing goes under it?... What's the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Ah, yes... The Wiki pages that you need to display the move and delete forms are not present in your previously installed Wiki.

Do this- Create a page called "MovePage" and put only this on it:


Then create a page called "DeletePage" and put only this on it:


You can title the pages however you like. When that's done, the pages for moving and deleting should appear.

The references I've provided causes those pages to get pulled from that wikihome.txt file. If you look at the appropriate place in the wikihome.txt file, you can find the code that is used to create those pages. If you put that on those pages instead of the %fileinclude command, you can make the page say whatever you want, including warnings for moving or deleting pages.

The fast way to fix all this is to use the "reset" action on any page. Just click an "edit" link on any page, and then in the URL for the editing page, change the text "edit" to "reset". The page that appears will provide a button that will reset your default pages as includes to the wikihome.txt file. Be aware that doing this will reset your home page! If it's the only page you've altered, you can easily copy your current home page from the editor, reset the wiki, then paste your home page back in. Kludgy maybe, but I'm just providing more options here.

I should have been clear there that the reset only resets the pages that are initially defined by MicroWiki. Namely, these:


The only one that you're likely to have changed is the HomePage, which you can easily copy, reset, then paste back in, as I was saying before.

Sorry if I was confusing.

Haha... thanks very much indeed Admin. I wasn't expecting that many answers, they were long and very complete. Thanks once again. No, you're not confusing. I completely understood perfectly what you're referring to (even if you only wrote 1 line) ;-). I have edited it and it worked.

Btw, I should have mentioned this before. I was just thinking on the night before you actually published this new version about those delete and move functions. Because I was playing in Wikipedia and thought it'd be fantastic to have it on MicroWiki as well. I was just going to write my comment... Well done.. Good job you got there! Thanks.

Maybe I should write an add-on that filters WordPress posts for wiki links and forwards them to the appropriate MicroWiki page. Hmm, that’s a good idea…

This might be good indeed. I was thinking of this too ^^

Another thing. I realised that if you're not logged in, you cannot actually see the move/delete pages. Of course we don't want they see it, but is it possible to put something like "no permission"? Sorry, but one more. I found that in Opera and Firefox browsers, the log-in authentication doesn't work very well. It just redirects me to the wp-admin page and when I get back to my wiki index pg (by typing it, not pressing back) it still says "You are not logged in". I tried to refresh several times and even logged out and log-in again. It does work though in IE.

This one-file thing is amazing! I recommend you use this, the best wiki plug-in ever created for wp.

Your stuff is great! ... but, I can't make the Wiki search function work. It seems like I'm missing something obvious, but I can't figure it out.

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