Here's another one of those "too cool for words" things that I get so excited about that I tell everyone before it's done.  Tired of those yet?  Good...  Here's a screencam of what my prototype WordPress theme (Artychoke) can do.  I think it pretty much speaks for itself:

Yes, it's using AJAX.  Yes, it could provide a complete set of fields there.  Yes, it works in both IE and Firefox - I haven't checked yet, but it should degrade gracefully in other browsers.  Yes, it does this without adding plugins to the theme, although maybe someone should write a plugin that does this to any theme?  That would be "supersweet", as they say.  Among the other crazy things that this theme does:

  • Build your title nav bar automatically from the root-level WordPress static pages.
  • Use sIFR for slick fontified titles.  (Once again, no plugin required - it just works.)
  • Planned: Autocomplete for search form.
  • Planned: A crafty new method of getting rid of those hideous "archives" links once and for all.

All that and it doesn't look too hideous.  Hey, I could never draw well, so I have to compensate somehow, right? 


Here’s another one of those “too cool for words” things that I get so excited about that I tell everyone before it’s done

Isn't that what they call VapourWare Owen?


Looks cool - can't wait to take it for a spin.

Wow! Looks cool. I have been doing soem AJAX stuff lately and when I saw Edit Text example on QuirksMode, I thought it would be nice if I can use it on my blog and there you go, you actually did it! Bravo! :) Now only question is when are you publishing this theme?


As soon as the difficult stuff is done, I'll release the theme. The difficult stuff is obviously not the post editing.

"Vaporware" may be the right word. But the proof of concept is there. If nothing else, I might eventually be able to pack this funcitonality into a plugin.

What else might be cool is a pop-out form for writing new posts. That would be so much easier than bopping over to the Admin page every time. (/me prepares himself for the barrage of "Use Ecto"-like responses to this comment.)

I also need a good photo of an artichoke. Hmm...

For this sort of thing to really be cool, it needs to use contentEditable. That's where I see things going in the future. IE supports it. Safari 2.0 will support it. The only question is when will Firefox support it?

For some reason the Flash file never loads in my browsser. I'm using Maxthon (IE skin), but I've never had this problem before. I've reloaded mutiple times over several hours. No luck.

This looks pretty sweet. Can't wait for the plugin! Between this, BAStats and the upcoming Exhibit, I think you make some of the most functional plugins out there! Keep up the great work!

Looks good in Opera now too! It's just awesome! Gmail was my first real DOM experience, but I am glad to see there are others who are taking the interactivity to other areas.


The screencam should appear now, but it breaks my theme's sidebar.

Note that suddenly I don't really give a damn what my site looks like in IE.

I am having the same problem as # 10.
(In IE6 on Windows XP and in Opera 8 (beta))

In IE, it just keeps loading and loading and loading, and if I right click it says "about Flashplayer 6".
In Opera, it doesn't show anything. Just the text before and after.

Same here - no picture - no flash!

IE6 using Avant tabbed browsing environment

But in just plain old IE6 - voila!

Now if I could just figure out the significance of that little movie. So you can edit posts? This is new? And what the heck is Ajax?

Got an early version of a plugin version of this working - check it out at my site if you're interested:

Its early days, but works fine right now. Suggestions and feedback encoraged!

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