I've been keeping an eye on the Trac timeline for WordPress, watching new fixes come in and changes get committed.  It's still not ready for public consumption, but it's moving along.

The latest commit comes from Matt in the form of a resizeable WYSIWYG post editing area. It's very cool. As of yet, it doesn't seem to retain the height of the box via cookies - I wonder if that's a reasonable enhancement to request. Still, it obeys the setting in Options|Writing for the default size of the box.

In the screenshot, you'll see a bunch of odd things, even if you've been testing the 1.6 code. First, I added some buttons for inserting more and nextpage commands.  These are available as a patch in Trac.

There is also a checkbox under the editing area for executing PHP.  That's a plugin, not part of 1.6.

The thing that resizes the post editing area is the little gripper handle in the lower-right corner. You can drag it to make the box bigger or smaller. It's actually quite handy.

Animated WordPress post editing page

There are quite a few "commit" bugs in Trac right now for the current features, mostly for stuff that has changed and isn't working. I have applied many of these fixes, and my svn working copy seems to be keeping them merged into my code. It'll be nice when some of them are finally committed, though.

Also on the WordPress front, Firas and masquerade have been hard at work on wp-medic, which looks like a pretty slick system to troublshoot WordPress woes.  Even if you're not currently having troubles with your WordPress installation, you might want to check it out.


Matt: The "more" thing is a patch I wrote for 1.6. It's in Trac. It also does "nextpage".

Gregory: The code that TinyMCE produces looks pretty clean so far. WordPress has a very restrictive set of tags that it allows in the editor, so it comes out nearly spotless.

hugemore: No, what you see there for the WYSIWYG editor is mostly native functionality for the next version of WordPress. There are a couple of features there that have not yet been committed to the core code.

If hes on a mac, im asuming its snapz pro x. You can get it over at http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox/

and i was wondering, how do you make your titles all fancy like?

I use my own EZStatic to run php in posts. I think it's better than many other plugins that run PHP, if only because it's the only one that actually requires posts to be authored by users of a certain user_level in order to execute the php.

Your mileage may vary. ;)

The additional post stuff looks great, my only concern is for older machines, I know my other box sometimes slows down when it reaches some fancy WYSIWYG stuff. I assume there is an option to disable it?

The things wordpress is achieving and the stuff some people are coming up with... it'd make anyone proud to run WP.

I moved the EzStatic instructions over to the RedAlt wiki from the old Asymptomatic wiki. Hopefully they hold up.

Yes, the WYSIWYG stuff can be turned off in WordPress via an option on a per-user basis.

I like the post/page editing area the way it is right now actually, so I'm glad the WYSIWYG option can be turned off. x__x;;

Can't wait for the 1.6 ver. One request that I posted on the mosquito but see no hurt in doing it here.

Please... oh please add a global function to turn on/off plugins. As one, among many, that use more than a few plugins it would be a great help.

I have to say, looking at that, that it is done really well. Hopefully the produced code is nice too.

If it doesn't run like a dead dog in my browser then I may take back all I said... but I'm still wary of the WYSIWIG, mostly because of really bad experiences with TinyMCE.

Matt: search for the text "I added some buttons for inserting more and nextpage commands" in the original post, and you shall find.

This would be an important step towards the wordpress blog domination.

hahaha... proud to use the most wanted and the most beautiful blog tool.

Good luck with the progress.

Good to know Owen. Now if it works speedily I may end up publicly eating my posted in the heat of the moment words about it ;)

I really want it to work well too... I have just had so many problems with TinyMCE in the past that it made me weep when I saw the announcement...

I don't see why it couldn't be, but I would really prefer if the javascript aspects of the editor would be moved within the WP directory structure so that they're not in the wp-admin folder, but in another dedicated shared folder at the blog root, like wp-script.

If it was used on the comments form, it would be something that a theme would enable, not something that the admin would control.

Man, the Wordpress world seems to get nicer every day. Although, I have to say, I'm already pretty used to putting in the manual tags for bold, italics, and what have you. I'm wondering if this will make WP nicer for veterans or if it'll just make things just that much clunkier.

I can't wait for these commits to get into wordpress.com. And I can't wait for 1.6. Going to be revolutionary.

I like the ability to turn the WSYIWYG on and off. That's critical for precision work, if you are into that. For the rest, it's great!

I hope an ON/OFF switch will be available on the Write Post panel and not just through options as there are times when I want to switch back and forth.

Ah, wishing...

There isn't an on/off switch in the Write Post panel, and I don't believe there will be, simply because the "HTML" button on the toolbar lets you edit the HTML directly, in that case where you need fine-tuning. Perhaps if enough people desire it, someone will make a plugin that will let you switch it on and off. Sounds complicated.

At least one of the devs must be using a Mac, since I had to write a patch that re-enabled WYSI on other platforms after some code was committed that would display the WYSI editor only in Safari.

So my guess is that it works, although not being a Mac owner, I can't say for sure. As soon as I get my emulator's network card working, I'll let you know. :)

Owen - While you at it, could you add blockquote and code? =)

BTW - the link from http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1564 got trapped as a hotlink.

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