Hand Stamp Security

A story I told today: Have you ever gone to a club/concert and gotten a hand stamp? And in the morning, you forget and do the typical cleaning in the shower, then as you dry yourself, you notice that the stamp is still there because you didn't give it necessary extra attention?


Last week we took a family vacation to Toronto. We all loaded up our luggage into Berta's new car and hit the road.

What You Don't Know About Presenting

I spent a year at work as a side project learning and teaching people how to have more effective meetings. It's always interesting to evaluate meetings (and presentations) to see where things could be improved.

Brewing and Blades

Last night Ken and I convened at Troy’s house for a typical brew flavoring session. We had about 2.5 gallons of unflavored product that we wanted to portion and add fruit to for flavoring.

The Mind

I watched a video yesterday of a group of people explaining and playing a card game called _The Mind_. I was intrigued enough to buy this cooperative game for myself, in spite of the game's simple concept.