There must be intelligent life down here

Note Taking App

Time for yet another post wishing I had an app to do a certain thing...

Making Friends As an Adult

I am reminded again how making friends as an adult is hard.  Maybe it was hard as a kid, too - I can't remember having friends as a kid, really.  It's strange that it's so difficult.  One must assume that this is because other people must not want to make new friends, or because people are are very particular about the kinds of people they want to be friends with, even though with how hard it is to make friends, you'd think people would be more open to less ideal friendships.

Streaming TV Service Review

There has been a recent torrent of releases of streaming TV services by companies both expected and unexpected.  Since they mostly provide a free 2-4 week trial, I've signed up for all of them! Here's what I found.

Oh, I didn't see you there

It has been over a year since my last blog post was published, and yes, this does feel a bit like a confession.

About the Site

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