There must be intelligent life down here

Lateral Thoughts

I hate lateral thinking.  The answers to the puzzles usually don't

Keep Santa Airborne

This year's already typically smally crop of magic corn feed shrunk even more as a result of the strange greenhouse-effect climate changes. Being that the magic corn feed is in atypically short support supply, Santa needs to budget his flying feed appropriately so that he can stay aloft for the entire evening of toy delivery.

I Should Be Quarantined

I ended Friday with a bit of a cold and sore throat, and now I'm once again oozing from various orifices. Of particular concern to me at the moment is my nearly completely blocked sinuses, which allow just enough air to pass to remind me that I'm sick.

DVD Fish Tank

This "fish tank on your TV" product is kind of interesting, but it's really the advertising that has me mesmerized for some reason.


A short ride down the hillside into the hallow we found a quaint two-story house, unoccupied yet accompanied by the realtor and her blue station wagon. She waited for us on the dirt path leading up to the porch from the patchy stone drive. She was curious, as they all are when we go hunting, what interest we would have in such a house as this.

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