There must be intelligent life down here

The Mind

I watched a video yesterday of a group of people explaining and playing a card game called _The Mind_. I was intrigued enough to buy this cooperative game for myself, in spite of the game's simple concept.

New Digs

Things are still settling down, but I think I've finally completed the first step of my migration of Asymptomatic into this new server.

I Wood

With my exploration of things in the small microcontroller space - like Arduino, NodeMCU, ESP8266, Teensy, etc. - I've been considering a handful of projects that really need some kind of casing.  I've always been enthusiastic about natural cases for technology devices, and my latest project idea includes an opportunity to produce a case in natural wood.

Success with Phoenix

I've rewritten this year's Brewfest website using an old design I liked on top of Phoenix. Phoenix is an MVC framework, like Rails, but for Elixir. The rewrite has been interesting.

Belief Systems

There is some notion that one can _believe_ in science.  Science is not a belief.  Science is science.  If you don't believe in science, you are a denier.  You deny that evidence that is examined and evaluated can predict future results.  It's that simple.

About the Site

Hi! I'm Owen Winkler, and I write this drivel. This blog is about my own life and my random observations thereof. Sometimes I write about technical stuff here, but mostly that's at RedAlt. Please enjoy, or if not, click on my ads. Either is fine with me.