So after Wednesday night’s maintenance to 2:30 AM (note to self: never pimp 3Com gear again), and Thursday’s short 8-hour workday, I got home and managed to watch day 1 of my WRC-Monte Carlo tape from the weekend. That’s some measure of how busy life has become, it has taken me four days to watch a half hour of video. And this weekend we are getting five hours more. Who knows how long it will take me to get to watching all that!

Jenn came home with Alex, ordered me a pizza, and then after we put Alex to bed (he missed his nap and was just as tired as his daddy) she had me go right to bed. And I slept pretty much straight through the next 11 hours.

And now I feel great!

This weekend should be cool, I have another massive Halo 2 party to attend – it is starting to look like these might be monthly events. Jenn has been really cool about them, encouraging me to go (as long as it doesn’t interfere with her schedule, yuk yuk yuk).