Stories and pictures from Abby’s first day at school.

Abby started school this past Wednesday at the Malvern School.  She’s only two, but she needs to spend a couple of days a week with people her age so she can learn to be more social.  It’s not that she doesn’t play with other kids, but she prefers older kids.  Frankly, I haven’t met too many interesting 2-year-olds besides Abby.

Before you get too excited, these pictures aren't all from Abby's first day of school.  In fact, most are from other days.  There are plenty of pictures that aren't online (as usual) either because they're bad pictures (that's why I take so many in the first place) or because they have other kids in them (which I tried to avoid including).

But there are a couple of pictures here of Abby in her "school outfit" (basically what she wore that day).  Those are the ones where she's wearing a white sweater.  The other ones are just gravy.


Most (but not all) of these pictures are available in hi-res (2048x1536), so if you wanted to get a nice print, you should ask for the big files that I don't put online.  They should print clearly without artifacts up to 8x10.