Adhesive Sticky Setting I have updated Adhesive for WordPress 2.0 and released a preliminary archive of the plugin. There is a glitch in WordPress that prevents code in the footer of the post edit page from executing. I have submitted a support ticket with a patch for this issue. As soon as that patch is applied, things should work swimmingly.

Adhesive Config DemoWhat’s new in Adhesive? Not much, really. The new version does make use of something new I’m trying out for configuration. Instead of using up a whole menu slot for a config page with only three options, I’ve made a kind of Ajax popup thing. You kind of need to see it to understand what I’m talking about.

This plugin is just the first plugin of a slew of updates that I’m planning for the next couple of weeks. I know that Adhesive is a popular plugin, so I hope that people who are trying out the WordPress 2.0 Beta will also give Adhesive a shot and let me know what issues they encounter.