Are you seriously still poking around here? Push the play button and check out the latest installment.

I think I’m seriously degrading your enjoyment of my story by posting the script.

Do you think I should skip posting the script, or are you even bothering to look at it?

I was considering doing an all-improv chapter in the next couple of hours. Wo there wouldn’t be a script, and I would mess up a whole lot. How does that sound? Of course, I would cover it up with a lot of creative editing. I wonder if that would speed up or slow down the whole process. Hmm.

Ok, listen to the track, then donate to my cause. Remember, only one hour until the first hat giveaway! Highest donor before 9pm gets the cool Asymptomatic hat. Currently that bidder is Paul Post, at $25. Thanks Paul! (If you win, be sure to email me with the best method to get you your hat - my address is the "Owen Winkler" linked at the bottom of the page.)

Right now, only a $26 bid gets you a great hat. I’ll take another picture of it and post it before 8:30 so you can ogle at its magnificence.

And if you don’t win in this round, you get another chance in the second half of the ’thon, but don’t delay because you might miss out…

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