The kids had a lot of summer vacation.  I think it was pretty filled this year.  We had a couple of project weeks, where we organized some activities and research for the kids each week at a time.  These weeks were occasionally interrupted by holidays, trips to the beach with the grandparents, organized day camps, and play dates with friends.

In the beginning of August, I shuttered my consulting practice and took on a full-time position with ownCloud.  I spent a week in Berlin at the yearly developer conference, and got to meet a lot of my remote co-workers.  So far, the work has been constant, interesting, and rewarding.

Vacations and travel.  People have asked about us going anywhere this summer.  We hadn't really scheduled anything long-term and vacation-like for the summer months, although we took a couple of weekend trips, to Johnstown and the Delaware beaches.  We also visited Hawk Mountain for a hiking excursion, which was fun.

Possibly the most exciting thing now is the promise of fall.  September - with school starting, sports, scouts, conferences, and other activities - looks really busy.  Looking at the September calendar of events is a scary, scary, exciting thing.