I'm not really angry.  There is no target for my anger.  There are many things that are bugging me, and I suppose that I have made myself susceptible to engrams (to use a term from Scientology, not that I subscribe to their beliefs) this morning that just brought about feelings of anger for some reason.  Maybe the smoke from the pancakes, I dono.

There are some things on my mind for which there are no good or organized venue, and I fear writing them all out here because they would be misunderstood or taken into each other's context, when really they are all mostly separate thoughts.  Happy thoughts are always good to start with.

I've been saving for a new computer for the past few weeks.  I will be halfway to completion soon.  The computer I'm looking at is the Fujitsu Lifebook P-2100 notebook.  At least I thought I would be halfway through saving - Fujitsu's price calculator prices me out at $2403.95.  That's expensive.  Maybe I can find a coupon.

The guys from Goodyear have not yet called back about the status of the part for my Vitara.  Apparently, one of the seals on my rear axle is leaking fluid onto my right brake.  The result is that the brake doesn't work.  They say that it's not a problem, since primarily the front brakes are used to stop the car.  However, fixing the seal is going to involved removing the axle, which is not something that takes a few minutes of labor.  In fact, their catalog of "how long things take" says it'll take about 2.5 hours.

I wrote a lot in this space about my macroeconomics class.  I saved it for you in a new article.  If you don't feel like reading it, suffice with "I hate macroeconomics, both the subject and the class."

One of the few things I have bought since I started saving for the notebook is a leather-bound book.  The leather part is actually just a cover for any hardback book that you put inside.  The book that is currently in the cover is one of those blank ones.  It has a cool thing in it that I had never seen before that will allow you to write in straight lines on a blank sheet of paper (basically by putting a movable paper with lines on it behind the page that you are writing on).  My current dilemma is, what should I write in it?  I have a pretty good venue here for venting, etc.  What would I put in a book such as this one?  I was thinking that I would write down useful information. Not so much information as factoids that will be useful in the future.  Maxims, anecdotes, function definitions, that sort of thing.  Any thoughts?

The satellite receiver was broken again this morning.  It insisted on dialling WebTV.  We don't even use WebTV.  But it wouldn't let us watch TV without dialling WebTV first to update itself.  I wonder if I could convince Berta to get one of the newer DishPlayers so that we don't have to mess with this flaky WebTV crap any more.  Probably not.  Maybe the fact that we pay $10 per month for WebTV that we don't use will change her mind.  Hopefully the new unit won't require a monthly fee for PVR.  That seems stupid to me.  Makes me want to switch to cable.  Not really.  Satellite TV rocks.

Today on PageCat I will address the issue of searches, archives, and syndication storage.  This should make all of my users very happy.  That is to say, this should make me very happy.

I think I might start a new story sequence.  I got an idea from SciFi Wire, which I get on my Visor Prism through HandStory.  Basically, on SciFi, they take an "element of the periodic table" and write a story about it.  Well, my idea is a little different, and I don't know if I can rally make it work, but I have a really good idea for the first issue, and the rest should be able to use nuggets that have been festering in my head for the past few months.  Anyway, look out for it up in the Don't Read section.

Darn, I forgot to call Stacy again last night.  Sorry, Stacy.  I will call you.

I guess that's mostly it.  I was thinking in the car this morning about things that might calm me down, and I didn't come up with anything.  Well, I have one now, at least.