Even after all of that work we had done back in March, we may still have some problems. We were getting water in, and we had these guys come out at great expense and create a drainage system that is supposed to prevent water from getting onto our basement floor.

We only recently started putting together the materials to reconstruct the basement. Mom bought a new saw and brought it to the house and we cut up all the wood to replace the wall studs that were removed.

It wasn’t until we were laying the wood that we noticed this wet spot in the corner. Of course, it could be anything - dripping from inside, Abby spilled something we didn’t know about, a weird concrete spot - but it sure looks like the concrete is getting wet from the water on the wall. This should never happen.

I’m kind of apprehensive about sealing up the wall with the new drywall before I have one of the basement people look at it. I would hate to have them come and do more work, only because of the inconvenience - their work is guaranteed - but wouldn’t like it more if the wall was already up and the carpet started to get damp again.

I guess a call to the Basement Doctor is in order. In the meantime, construction on the playroom is stalled.