It’s been a pretty challenging couple of weeks. Saturday before last, I returned home from a work trip to Columbus to celebrate my birthday with the family. We went out to Founding Farmers in King of Prussia with my mom and Nana, and it was generally a good time. They gifted me a bidet. That’s a whole thing, and a story for another time.

On the Sunday after, we found out that the hot water heater was leaking. Thankfully, the heater itself was still under warranty, but the basement carpet was soaked, and tons of random things on the basement floor were steeping in soggy carpet. We spent a good bit of Sunday and Monday moving things to the dry half of the basement and sucking up the water with our now-copious wetvacs.

At some point while I was away, Berta’s work told her that they were closing her office, and she’d be working from home. So she needed to get her home office together. This office has been basically unused since we moved in. It’s filled with craft stuff and paperwork and kids art projects from over the years, and generally not suited to working. And so all of that needs to be sifted through while also dealing with the basement.

There’s a lot going on here at the house, and many trash bags going out to the curb. We got new paint for the office from Home Depot tonight, and I also picked up the materials to drop a new network cable from Berta’s office into my office so that she has a hard line and no complaints about wifi quality in the house (which I have also fixed with a new router since she had issues with it). That’ll be an interesting challenge, since I’ll have to cut out a significant section of her office wall to be able to drill through the framing into the wall below. Cross your fingers that it actually works. I’m hopeful to be able to put a wireless access point in her office which will expand the wireless network into some places in the house where coverage is not great.

Aside from that, the cats long ago chewewd up one of the pulls on the blinds in her office. I eyed the chewed up part, fired up Fusion 360, and modeled a new one. I may need to get the dimensions from the original with the calipers, but tracing the halved object on the iPad with the Apple Pencil yeilded reasonably adequate results for the shape of the thing. I write this as the print finishes up. See photo, below.