Herein you will find this site’s official cookie policy. Please note that this is the only cookie policy that this site will follow.

  1. You may receive cookies from this site.
  2. Cookies will originate from wherever they are from to achieve the purpose for which they were added – probably to retain information across your sessions here for your own benefit.
  3. Cookies are a part of how the web works, and this site is on the web, so it works by using cookies.
  4. The cookies on this site are not intentionally meant to track you outside of what is needed for this site, but sometimes technology tools change to do things you hadn’t intended without you knowing. Yes, everything is terrible.
  5. You will be alerted to the presence of cookies on this site via the means of HTML headers, where all cookies that this site uses will be published. If your browser doesn’t alert you to them or let you block the ones you don’t want, that’s your problem, not mine.
  6. If the behavior of this site is not in accordance with laws in your country, you do not have permission to access this site in your country; stop immediately.
  7. You know that there are other ways for companies to track you across sites anyway, right? And that they’re usually more reliable because people can’t disable them like they can cookies? Are you truly so naive as to think a country’s laws about cookies is doing anything other than distracting you from the people that are creating more modern tech that is even harder to circumvent? Well, that and putting up those stupid cookie prompts. Speaking of which…
  8. This site will not prompt you about cookie preferences; deal with it.
  9. Cookies are delicioius.
  10. This site does not like chocolate chip cookies, and prefers oatmeal raisin.
  11. This policy is subject to change without real notice (we might take out an ad in the local paper’s classifieds, or send an email to one or two people notifying them that something changed but not saying exactly what) so you might as well ignore it. It’ll be fine.