I’m not sure what’s going on with air travel today. With a bus, you just get on and go. While I realize that the procedure is going to be different with a vehicle that travels in the sky, the typical bottleneck for flights had always been more the baggage screening, not the waiting in the terminal.

I think the girl sitting next to me has one of those open tickets where there has to be a free seat for her to ride. But since they asked for five volunteers to get bumped from this overbooked flight, I think she’s gonna be waiting around a bit longer.

People behave strangely when boarding, too. They board when the wrong zone is called. As if that doesn’t cause a bottleneck. Though I’m not convinced that following the rules would get us on board any faster.

This waiting in the terminal always makes me nervous. My reflux is acting up. Maybe that’s why everyone else is acting nutty.

Oh, well. Zone 6 is boarding. Why am I so often a late zone and sitting between two people? Who wrote this stupid software? See you on the ground.