If you haven’t heard of the “dollar” store, then it’s possible that you’ve not heard of the Dollar General.

What strikes me as most odd about the Dollar General is that unlike other “dollar” stores, not everything costs a dollar. Oh no, the general likes to charge more than a dollar for some of his goods.

For example, the same candles you can get at the Dollar Tree for $1, you’ll be paying $2 for if you’re doing business with the general. That’s really what I don’t understand; Why do they bother putting “dollar” in the name if it’s the same old “many dollars” that you’d get at, you know, KMart.

I mean, they don’t call it Dollar KMart even when the prices are over a dollar. Does that make sense? It’s just a cheap ploy to get you into the store on the pretense that all things cost only $1, when in actuality, the military is taking their cut.