CPYesterday, I tried to explain this concept to Nana: How I wake up in the morning with certain knowledge in my head, and I don’t know where it came from. During the day, people pay me to tap that knowledge and make use of it. They act on my advice and, to me, it’s so strange that anyone would listen to what I say, much less make important decisions based on it. And I seem to have gotten to a point in my career that I can tell people they’re crazy for listening to me, and they still do so, in spite of my protestations.

But it’s doubt. Really.

For example, a big opportunity has presented itself to me, and whether it’s a real opportunity that I can take advantage of, I don’t know. I know, that like most days, I awoke with the knowledge to provide value to this project, but still, I need to apply confidence to it and then follow through. Maybe that’s the part I doubt in myself?

I feel like I really need to go back and reassess myself; my work over the past few years and see what I’ve done to convince myself that I’m capable of performing to the level that this will require.