If I try to get certain things done during lunch, I have a much better quotient of completion. Reading books during lunch has successfully finished a few novels this season. I wondered what else I could apply my lunch time toward accomplishing, and I’ve turned to drawing.

I’ve been trying to learn how to draw for a while now, and it’s with Katy Coope’s book that I have finally become at least partially successful. But I really need to practice if I’m really going to be any good at it. So I’ve started drawing during lunch.

Using the techniques in the book, I’ve started pencil drawing and inking during lunch. I’ll take my supplied to Burger King (or wherever), spread my stuff out on a table, and start to draw while (or after) I eat.

I’ve gotten familiar with some of the tools of drawing. For instance, I now know which pencil is softer between a 6B and a 2B. I know that I prefer to draw with an HB pencil. I’m slowly learning which pens are best for inking which parts. Kneadable erasers rock.

I’ve gotten myself a little circle stencil that I wish was more compact. This makes it faster to draw the basic circles for the head and body parts. If I try to draw the circles myself, they come out all “flat” on one side, and I end up fixing them for a long time to get them perfect. So I’ve conceded to this one thing that feels like cheating.

I need to try drawing some more faces at an angle. I actually haven’t completed a full head yet that isn’t looking at you straight on. Soon enough, though, I’ll have perfected the straight-ahead look, and will be yearning for the more difficult angled heads.

I’ve drawn a lot more than what I show here (this is just one page of drawings), but I’m too lazy to scan it and don’t want to give away all of my progress. Maybe when I get a few good pieces going, I’ll start putting images online regularly. The drawing of the girl from Subway yesterday looked like it was going to be good, but I somehow made her body too wide, and she looks a little strange. Oh, well, there’s plenty of paper to try again.