I’ve been thinking about Fluid software’s e-tools for D&D. It seems pretty comprehensive, although not as pretty as the original that came bundled with the Player’s Handbook. However, with output like this, you really can’t complain too much. (There are actually only two graphic files used throughout that entire page - very impressive.)

Anyway, I've been thinking of taking their sample HTML page (linked to above) and putting my character into it. And then I was thinking that it probably wouldn't be too hard to sprinkle some JScript into the thing to get it to be dynamic. Of course, I'm being a little bit crazy. Er... A lot crazy. But it seems like something that might be useful.

Besides that, I didn't do as well on my economics test as I had hoped. I actually got a couple of questions wrong. I scored only 122%. Yeah, percent. Those 2 points off are going to kill my final grade, even if I did get 24 bonus points. I can only hope that I do better on the next test.

Boy, work smells a lot less like urinal puck today. It doesn't smell unlike urinal puck, just less than it has all week. For those who aren't familiar, it's a rather lot like the odor of moth balls. And it invades your nose when you walk into the lobby of the office. Yuck.