So here’s a curious thing pointed out to me by a co-worker. He says that Facebook says that I’m interested in men. More specifically, in men and women.

I admit that I was a bit confused because I don’t remember having come out of the closet on Facebook. But sure enough, there it is, plain as day. Apparently I like both men and women.

What’s going on here? Did I screw up the form or something? No, I didn’t screw it up, Facebook screwed it up.

Bear in mind that I’ve not considered dating in more than 10 years. I’ll have been married for ten years in July, and Berta and I have been together or longer than that. Moreover, I don’t really visit these social networking places to “hook up”.

Actually, here’s a funny story. I met a girl who worked as a DJ at the local college radio station when I called in to tell her that hers was the only show whose music was worth listening to, and that I always looked forward to it on my drive home. We got to talking and she asked me for my Friendster profile. I had one (for some reason - I sign up for just about anything) so I sent it.

According to her, we were very compatible and should probably get together for coffee some time. I had to point out that while that would be fine, that my Friendster profile clearly said that I was married, and that my intent was solely to be a friend. We laughed about it, and although we didn’t meet for coffee, we did meet to chat between classes now and then.

So now that you know from whence my na