Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. How about that?

It’s also Chinese New Year’s Eve. What a coincidence!

I remember the Chinese New Year that we spent in Chinatown in Philly. It wasn’t oo eventful because it was Chinese New Year. It would be like walking around in Times Square on New Year’s Day. Interesting from the point of view that you aren’t normally walking around there, but pointless because all of the events took place the night before.

The only thing that was left was the red firecracker wrappers.

The grocery store today was filled with Mardi Gras stuff. There were bead necklaces on all of the signs. I think they were in a rush to take down other decorations. cough Eagles cough

Mardis Gras is something they should televise like New Year’s Eve. It just seems like something that should happen. I’d be interested in seeing a documentary. Maybe I can find one on pay-per-view.

This site has been getting a bit raunchy lately, hasn’t it?