I’m about four hours and ten minutes into this light to LA, and I’d like to take an account of the experience of travelling by plane these days, since in the near future, everyone will be cryogenically frozen when they leave their car at the airport and loaded onto their destination flight. For their protection, of course.

The first thing I would like to complain about is the passenger in front of me, who is one of those people who believe that it is their duty, without the regard for the people around them, to recline their seat into my face for the duration of the flight. I think that in this age where the leg room and, lets face it, breathing room of the jet capacity is so low, that people would be considerate of their fellow man and just not do it. I know you’re awake. Sit up! Sit up!

With all of the weird security at the airport, I’ve seen a few strange things happen today. Some lady was allowed to board our plane without a boarding pass or ID. That doesn’t sem right. She was with her husband, and the attendant looked up her name before sending her onto the jetway, but is that fair? Here I am practically freaking out over procedure - don’t accept strange bags, keep everything with me, have my confirmation ready at check-in, present ID at each checkpoint, have boarding pass ready at gate - and then this old lady pops onto the plane with a “he’s my husband, and I might have that piece of paper around here somewhere.” What?

I don’t know what the in-flight movie was. It had Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, and that dude that ws in AI whos name I presently forget. I did not listen to the movie, but being that I kept nodding off during my audiobook, I sat up and stared at teh screen for a while to keep myself awake. It is strange in that I have no idea what the movie was about from just watching it. I think that these two girls wanted to get out of their current life situations, and so they swapped apartments cross-country or something and then ended up with each others’ boyfriends. No idea.

My audiobook, Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, is something thatI did not want to read. I figured I would get the deed done by getting it in audio. This story is particularly frustrating because the main character is powerless in his world, and he’s an idiot, I think. The voice acting in the recording is fantastic, though. It’s not that the story is bad, just that it seems a little plodding, and when the main character seems to have no hope of getting things right for himself, it’s grating. I’d like to know more about the Anansi idea, but perhaps not experience it from this particular telling. I guess we’ll see as the story unfolds.

Soon I will have reached my limit as to how long I can sit in a confined space without losing my mind. I hope that we land before that happens.