Perhaps you’ve noticed the little Mickey Mouse head behind the main Asymptomatic banner. Maybe not. Either way, you should probably know that we’re going to be on vacation next week in Disney World.

I’ve got some stuff lined up that I’m going to try to schedule online for the days that we’re gone. Also, I think we’re going to have a lot of down-time, what with all the pregnant, short, and disabled people going on the trip, so I will attempt to blog on the road with day-to-day vacation stories. We’ll see how that goes.

Of course, the linklog will go quiet for the few days we’re gone, since I’ll not be bothering (I’m guessing here, since broadband is not in my vacation plans) to surf for the links. I expect that it’ll return when we do.

Stay tuned- I’m sure our travel stories in the land of high winds and heavy rains will be many and amusing.