FFAFIt’s crazy how this sneeked (snuck?) up on me. FFAF is back.

Please read the FFAF posts that visitors have left, and vote on them!

Login info after the break!

Here are the rules, more-or-less cribbed from the FFAF site:
  1. Please keep it somewhat clean...if you don't think I would post it, don't. (Note that my use of profanity here is pretty limited - there is an actual policy I abide by, but posting the policy would violate the policy.)
  2. I will delete and or edit any posts I feel are inappropriate.
  3. Please don't forget to sign your post and pimp your blog. If I don't know who you are I can't come to your blog and share the fun.
  4. If for some reason things break and direct publishing doesn't work, please save your post as a Draft and I'll make sure it gets online.
  5. Sorry, I don't like the cut-and-paste posts. If you're just going to paste the same thing here that you did on the other FFAF sites, I'll probably delete it.

To make a post, just click the Register link in the WordPress section in the sidebar. Fill out the form, log in using the username you supply and the password that WordPress supplies, click “Write” in the toolbar, check the FFAF category in the box on the right side of the page, type your post into the Post box, then click “Publish”. Easy enough? Of course, if you played last month, you should just click the login link and use your old username and password.

If you’re not into using your email to log in (or being eligible in the contest) you can use the guest account. Username: “guest” Password: “unplugme” Please leave a link to your own site in your post if you use this account.

Be sure to check out the other FFAF participants.

And now for the contest info…

If you’re looking for something to say besides, “Hi, nice blog, here’s mine: [link]”, here’s a topic to try: Gone are the TV shows.

The Winter/Spring TV season is over. Which TV shows did you like best? Which were flops? What shows are you dying for the return of next season? Of which shows do you lament the demise?

Last month’s winner in the “My First Computer” topic with a 4.6 vote rating is a post by valerie. Nice story, valerie - a $10 Amazon gift certificate is on it’s way to you!

Have fun, and look for my posts on the other FFAF blogs!