GameFlyI subscribed to GameFly a few months ago as a cheap way to avoid the Blockbuster anti-XBox phenomenon. My first two games arrived and I played them. When I was done, I packed them back into their sleeves to be returned in the mail. Unfortunately after I did that, I couldn’t find them again. Uh-oh, I’m going to have to tell GameFly that I lost them…

Somehow I misplaced the discs in the mailers. I looked around for them, but couldn’t locate them. Giving up, I logged onto my GameFly account and tried to choose the “Keep It” option, where you can buy a game that you currently have rented at a used price. They ship you the case for the disc you already have and the game is yours. Sadly, neither game was available for the Keep It option.

I wrote to GameFly describing my plight, and I received a response that I should try again. I did and the games were available. It worked.

The next day, I received a phone call from someone at GameFly. Apparently I had clicked a bit too vigorously, and had accidentally ordered an additional used copy of one of the two games. They didn’t think I wanted to do that, and had called to be sure. Thank goodness for the great tech support at GameFly!

When the case for the first game arrived yesterday, I told Berta about the whole incident. She immediately produced the two game mailers, which were hiding rather poorly next to the TV. Ugh. Why I didn’t see them there, I can’t tell you.

So now I own a couple of games that I didn’t think I would. Off to eBay I go…

My next two games (en-route) are Demon Stone and Crazy Taxi 3. Is Demon Stone really as bad as the Keep It price makes it out to be? It’ll be good to play a game that is not the crappy Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on the XBox. Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast was one of my favorite video games ever. I hope this version is as good on the XBox.