Well, you knew there would be one. Isn’t there always something?

With the kids screaming and tossing around heavy things in the background, I’m especially unable to locate the one cable I need to hook a particular device to another particular device for producing the background music.

I fear I may have to ask the wife to take the kids out to Radio Shack to procure said wire, which would be disasterous since they were already planning a trip to the store (thank goodness - too much noise) and wouldn’t be back for some time, much delaying my recording.

I’m sure that the cable is around here somewhere, I’m just not sure where it got to. In fact, it should be in a small Radio Shack bag that also has a small cheapie microphone in it, which might also be useful.

I will continue to poke around for the thing, and hopefully it’ll turn up soon. Actual story elements for the first recording should appear in the next update.

I’m also planning a sweep of my setup in video, so you can get a look at the “control center” of Asymptomatic and this little project.