But I’m going to post anyway, since I was so busy this weekend and this is the first chance I’ve gotten. And you seem to have made the mistake of allowing me to post without moderation. ;-) Just kidding. :)

While I’ve never really done anything spectacular (like leave the country, etc), it’s hard to pick a favorite trip because there’s something good about all of them.

We used to go to my “uncle’s” (not my uncle.. or was a step, but now ex uncle, or something) at the lake and go swimming and boating and such. I miss those days so much.

Usually there were four of us kids, me and my brother, then our first cousins, sisters. One of these sisters was the one that was 5 weeks younger than me and when we were 10, she passed away due to her Cistic Fibrosis. So the days at the lake are some of my best memories of her.

Her older sister used to make up games, silly games, all the time that we’d play. We used to watch Ernest P. Whorl movies. The older sister really freaked me and the younger cousin out once, by writing a note saying, “I’m going to get you” and slamming doors… or something. I didn’t know how to swim, so I used to get yelled at when I’d come to the dock without my lifejacket because my cousins didn’t have theirs. I remember the snake that my cousin spit on as it went under us on the dock’s bridge… it turned around and went back the way it came. I remember the cicadas the year they were really bad.

Good times, good times.