Abby’s third baby tooth fell out yesterday on our way to dinner. Thankfully the tooth was not lost, as was the last one in a horrible “I swallowed it” crying fest.

No, this tooth was preserved and kept save, and upon our return home it was placed in a large purple zipper bag for storage. I say “large” because Abby had planned out how she was going to deliver this tooth the the tooth fairy, and in involved a small purple net-mesh bag with a gold drawstring that really was perfect for the task. Sadly, it got misplaced along the way, and we weren’t able to find it. So we were stuck with the larger purple bag.

Abby duly placed the tooth-containing purple bag under her pillow last night and awaited the fairy who never came.

Let’s not mince words here. Berta is the tooth fairy in our house. I’m not sure what she was planning to swap for this tooth, but whetever it was, the whole process must have slipped her mind. An honest mistake, and I don’t fault Berta for it, since she has so many other important things on her mind.

Abby, though, was pretty dejected. “The tooth fairy didn’t take my tooth,” she said. She was clearly thinking that her tooth wasn’t good enough to take. I admit that this made me a bit sad.

Obviously though, it was the fault of the strange bag. Tonight, we will seek out a new bag to house the tooth, perhaps even the originally intended bag, and the tooth fairy will have no problem finding it.

I only hope that we are better prepared.